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Aus einem Ei

Hand Carved Ostrich Eggshells

Whew  It has been a busy and productive year!  

It is with great thanks to my invaluable friends and patrons that I can now gleefully announce

there are several new pieces to be posted here soon (yippee!)

Completed pieces waiting to be photo'ed and posted: "Embraced",  "The Way-Back Machine", "All Geared Up", "Outside the Nest", "Listen", "The Day the Music Died" and "Community"

Thank you, all.  Please stay tuned.  Until then, please enjoy:

embraced sm. - Cherie Lee.jpg
The Way Back Machine sm. - Cherie Lee.jpg
Gearing Up sm. - Cherie Lee.jpg
Outside the Nest sm. - Cherie Lee.jpg
Listen sm. - Cherie Lee.jpg
The Day the Music Died sm. - Cherie Lee.jpg


Bethany Bees 1.jpg
Bethany Bees 5.jpg
Bethany Bees 2.jpg
Bethany Bees 4.jpg


'Puzzled' by Cherie Lee.jpg

"Shell of Shells"

'Shell of Shells' by Cherie Lee - view 3

Watch the egg get made in a minute and a half: 1 turn of the egg for each day of drilling

'Shell of Shells' by Cherie Lee - view 1
'Shell of Shells' by Cherie Lee - view 2
'Shell of Shells' by Cherie Lee - view 4

"One of a Kind"

roll over to zoom

'One of a Kind' by Cherie Lee - 4 of 4.j

"Over the Brink" companion piece to the poem of the same name

30 second time lapse

"A Delicate Note"

Taking Notes 2.jpg
Taking Notes 1.jpg
Taking Notes 3.jpg
Taking Notes 4.jpg

40 second Before/After Dying video

"A Quick Note"

04. 'A Quick Note' carved ostrich eggshe
A Quick Note 4.jpg
A Quick Note 3.jpg

Give it a spin

"A Glimpse of

Mental Illness"

'Glimpse of Mental Illness' by Cherie Le

"Holding It Together"


Grace and Beauty""

'It's Just a Scratch' by Cherie Lee.jpg
'Seeking Safety' by Cherie Lee.jpg

"It's Just a Scratch"


CherieLee - 04 - Slipping a Stitch - (Ho

"Slipping a Stitch"

CherieLee TY modern.jpeg
Carved Ostrich Eggshell by CherieLee 08.
CherieLee TY traditional.jpeg
Lee-Cherie - 6 of 8.jpeg
Lee-Cherie - 5 of 8.jpeg
Allens Roosters 1.JPG
Allens Roosters 4.JPG

"Farmer Allen's Roosters"

commissioned series

Allens Roosters 7.JPG
Allens Roosters.jpg
Allens Roosters 2.JPG




Hand Carved Rhea / Emu / Goose / Chicken etc Eggshells

"A Delicate Note"

"Birth of the Machine"

carved emu eggshell, resin and metal interior with illuminated

carved seashell base

Gearing Up 2.jpg
Gearing Up 7.jpg
Gearing Up 9.jpg
'Gearing Up' carved emu eggshell by Cher

nesting egg origins

carved rhea eggshells


"nesting" chicken egg inserts





"Feeling Fragile"

Carved Rhea Egg - Geo Curved - Cherie Le
Carved Rhea Egg - Geo Straight -02 - Che

For very early career 'additive' eggshell sculptures, see "Alternate Works" here

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