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Artist Statement

My current body of work is an acknowledgement of our own fragility, and our futile desperation to be liberated from it. Individually and collectively, we're all just trying to keep it together when impermanence is inevitable; trying to keep from falling apart, no matter how much stress is applied; hoping to emerge intact regardless of how much gets stripped away. We are able to do this only because we know we are born each moment into endless potential.

The World 02.jpg

It's a whole new world.

Throughout mankind's history, times of great socio-economic upheaval have heralded exponential leaps in creative and scientific advancement. Not within man's written history has such upheaval occured on nearly a global scale, en masse. Until now.


And yet, hovering here on the brink of one of humankind's most transformative eras,

we are tasked with re-assessing our values, our beliefs, and even our own capabilities, while protecting and shaping the lives of our future.

As we collectively endure this painful rebirth, we may feel battered and bruised, scrambling for safety while trying to hold it all together...

'It's Just a Scratch' by Cherie Lee.jpg
'Seeking Safety' by Cherie Lee.jpg
CherieLee - 04 - Slipping a Stitch - (Ho

....or worse: left feeling frightened,  futile,  maybe even defeated.

I understand.

Feeling Fragile.jpg
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'Puzzled' by Cherie Lee.jpg


A Quick Note (sized).gif

...every single cell holds infinite wonders of possibility.

'Shell of Shells' by Cherie Lee - view 2

However ordinary, please don't see anything as mundane.

Wherever the unusual arises, approach it with curiosity.

What you consider to be strong, revere it's frailty.

When you see something fragile, appreciate it's strength.

"The Brink"

The perfect size

and the perfect shape

Organically forming

A perfect landscape.


The life within,

A single race,

Dependent on sharing

The beautiful space.


The wisdom of ages

The wonders of art

A singular component

Of our Big Bang start.


But a little plastic man,

who's been here but a blink,

Seems hell-bent on pushing it

Right over the brink.

'One of a Kind' by Cherie Lee - 4 of 4.j
Working In Isolation.jpg

Proposed Works are by invitation or request only.

If you have not received an invitation to view these works, interested parties can request a link here:

View Current Proposals request

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